The Jiggy Jaguar Show on iHeart Radio – Julio Discusses Taxes, US Recovery, and the Economy

the Jiggy jaguar show

Transcript: Jiggy 0:00 We are live here on our world famous cheeky Jaguar radio broadcast coast to coast the board of the bowler on I Heart Radio and also am Fm 24 We have got a great guest joining us today here on Skype. Julio is with us, Julio, give us a little bit of … Read more

The Charlie Kirk Show – Guest Julio Gonzalez Discusses Taxes and the Economy

The Charlie Kirk Show

Transcript: Charlie Kirk 0:00 Hey everybody, welcome to this episode of the Charlie Kirk Show. I’m honored to be joined with a friend of mine, a dear friend of mine, someone who’s been very supportive of turning point USA and the efforts we have here on the Charlie Kirk show. Julio Gonzalez who is the CEO … Read more

One-Minute Tax Update: How The R&D Tax Credit Can Help Business Owners During This Crisis.

One-Minute Tax Update

Transcript: Julio Gonzalez 0:06 For the Engineer Tax Services with the One-Minute Tax Update, I know a lot of businesses are suffering. But we have tax code that will help in these circumstances. One is the research and development tax credits, which really is a benefit to employers here in the United States that employ US … Read more

One-Minute Tax Update: Real Estate Expensing, Write-offs CARES Act, and More

One-Minute Tax Update

Transcript:Hi, this Julio Gonzales with engineered Tax Services giving a One-Minute Tax Update. Listen, in the United States, one of the few investments that you get to expense is real estate. You can’t expense stocks, you can’t expense bonds, you know, you pay for those, you don’t get to write them off. But when you … Read more