jerry newcombe

Vocal Point- Topic: Cuba

Cuba has seen recently an unprecedented number of protests. The protesters who go out in the streets are risking death or imprisonment for daring to speak out. Food and water and basic needs are in short supply for those

the sean hannity show

Tyranny is Here, The Sean Hannity Show

Mark Levin, is a six-time #1 New York Times bestselling author, Fox News star, and radio host. In his New book, American Marxism, and Julio Gonzalez breaks down recent moves in tax on the Hill.

management blueprint podcast

Save 20% of Your Payroll with Julio Gonzalez

Julio Gonzalez is the CEO and Founder of Engineered Tax Services, the country’s largest specialty tax engineering firm specializing in the preservation of wealth through IRS engineering-based services. He is also the CEO of Growth Partnership, the only full-service

winning at life podcast

Winning at Business and Life Podcast

Do you cherish your employees? 6 questions. 7 minutes. Pure insights. Episode 268: Successful business leaders cherish their employees first. Wise words from Julio Gonzalez, CEO of Engineered Tax Services.