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Julio Gonzalez discusses Tax Policy and the HEROES Act on the Jiggy Jaguar Show on iHeart Radio!


Jiggy 0:00
We are live here on our world famous cheeky Jaguar radio broadcast coast to coast the board of the bowler on I Heart Radio and also am Fm 24 We have got a great guest joining us today here on Skype. Julio is with us, Julio, give us a little bit of an introduction on your on what you're doing and your background and everything my friends so we can educate the audience here.

Julio Gonzalez 0:24
Yeah, thanks for having me on. We, we work on tax credits, we help keep employment here with tax job credits. Here in the United States. We generate about 2 billion a month in tax credits for companies that hire us employees and keep him work here in the country through manufacturing innovation. And we're real proud to be doing that.

Jiggy 0:45
So you've been involved in all sorts of different things with the with with taxes and tax law, kind of briefly explain some of the different things you're involved in.

Julio Gonzalez 0:58
Well, we worked hard in 2016 To get the top to the tax reform done, and to at the end of 2017, which was really about getting lower income tax rates for small business, large corporations and individuals, and get rid of some regulations as well, so we could bring jobs back to the country and be more competitive as a nation in terms of employment. And so that was the big task. And now we are going through this pandemic, obviously with the cares act, and with the heroes act that's pending, working on different tax strategies to help bring back small business and help give them a boost and help them with some incentives to get reopened.

Jiggy 1:40
We have gone a tremendous guest with us today. He joins us live here in our big broadcast, Kosta Kosta board of the bowler on I hope radio. Also I am Fm 24 tune in iTunes, and of course a radio loyalty. We have got a great guest with us today. Julio Gonzalez is with us. He of course, you know him from Fox As you know, from all the different platforms across the country and around the world, he has got a tremendous, tremendous background here with taxes and, and everything. And they were talking about the economy and the recovery from COVID-19. So, Julio, tell me about the payroll tax holiday. Exactly. And what this will help and give the business and individuals payroll tax holidays flexibility. Give me details here because you're the expert on this, my friend.

Julio Gonzalez 2:30
Well, yeah, it's a big savings to business about 7% of payroll obviously, for the individuals as well. And so ultimately, that savings just allows us to have better cash flow as a company and be able to hire and bring people back and for the individuals, that means more money to get back in into the GDP. And so, you know, those are ways we can quickly get people back businesses back obviously, it's the worst of two evils. I mean, if we continue to pay payroll taxes, we may not have Small businesses open. So you're doing this, maybe we create some small businesses, bring them back then ultimately, that's how we pay back the system.

Jiggy 3:09
Julio was today, Julio Gonzalez is with us. He has got an incredible, incredible background. And he founded Gonzalez family office and as the CEO and founder of engineer tech services, and he joins us today here on Skype. So, Julio, the The important thing is getting people back to work and getting people to pay taxes because that's that's how we get things moving again. What do you make of the fact that they're wanting to basically bail everybody else out, except for the actual workers? We've bailed out, you know, every company you can possibly think of, but the average person doesn't have any money to put back into the tax system.

Julio Gonzalez 3:58
Yeah, we got to stop the balance. for corporations and for states, right, I mean, part of that heroes act is trying to get some money that they're requesting to bail out some of the different states that haven't been fiscally responsible Illinois and New York, and some of the other ones California, right and bail out their pension systems that were any dated because of the Union. So, yeah, I mean, listen, we got to stop the bailouts and put the businesses the small businesses back to work and get them the credits in the payroll tax holidays so that we can really boost the economy and not ultimately pay people to stay home or pay people to be fiscally non responsible.

Jiggy 4:37
We have got a great guest with us today. Julio Gonzalez joins us here in a broadcast. Kosta Kosta border the border on I Heart Radio, am Fm 24 and Julio Gonzalez is the CEO and engineer the tax services. Tell us about the alternative needs to be giving tax incentives to companies that hire people that basically filed their unemployment due to the pandemic I think it's the key Woodward companies that will bring back employment critical. Tell me all about this. tell our audience all about this, Julio?

Julio Gonzalez 5:09
Well, I think it's important to reward the companies that are going to bring back people on employed and to reward the unemployed to go back. And that's really where the focus of the heroes act is in the Senate is to basically give those incentives to companies that are hiring that are keeping their employees and ultimately stimulating the economy and I think that's a worthwhile project to reward those that are actually helping bring people back.

Jiggy 5:38
We've got Julio Gonzalez with us today. He joins us live here on our big broadcast. We are live on I Heart Radio today, also am Fm 24 Now, you've got experience with small businesses, and in different things of this caliber. Tell me about small businesses and individuals and the potential excellent financing of travel and entertainment, and what would have the far impactful on the stimulus help encourage an economic comeback, all these various things. Tell me all about it, Julio.

Julio Gonzalez 6:12
Yeah, good point. I mean, we used to be able to as small businesses expense from our tax reports, the business's expenses related to restaurants traveling. And, you know, President Trump thought we should bring that back. So we could give some incentive to business owners and individuals to get back out to the restaurants, get back out to the hotels, get back on the planes, and have some tax benefit from doing so. And I think that's a tax policy that makes good sense. I mean, it's always good to have tax policy that helps stimulate the economy. We're looking at policies, you know, when you do tax policy changes, everyone lines up in DC, they fill the the halls, all lobbyists, you know, promoting their different industries, but I think this one, you know, how do we get the Hotels and the restaurants back if we don't have some incentive from everyone around.

Jiggy 7:04
We have got Julio Gonzales with us today. He joins us live. He's the CEO of engineered tech services. And he's with us today on Skype talking a little bit about this incredible, incredible topic of how do we get things going. Now you say the economy will soar once a lot of these changes are put into place. What do you make of all that kind of give us details and break this down for us?

Julio Gonzalez 7:29
Yeah, I think tax policy and some of the stimulus programs we've put into place, will bring back the small business, bring back the big business and ultimately bring people back to these companies and get the GDP started. I mean, we're looking at the stock market today that's up and I think that's in response to the belief that the economy is going to bounce back that people are going to go back to work, and that the companies are going to hire and I think, you know, that's set on not only good tax policy, but I think they see that there's an end to this virus and that there's out too Some type of cure to that as well.

Jiggy 8:02
That's awesome. Well, Julio, you have been a treat today, my friend. I've really enjoyed this. By the way, your whole presentation for Skype is amazing. I don't know if you've got a green screen there or what's going on brother, but you are doing an exceptional job. Thanks for doing this man. I really appreciate the time and effort you took today.

Julio Gonzalez 8:26
My pleasure. Thanks for having me.

Jiggy 8:27
Thank you Julio. There he goes.

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