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darren prince event

Darren Prince’s fame came with a huge price! He woke up in jail, woke up in the ER room, woke up in the hospital and in other places he will never remember or even remember how he got there. Now over a decade sober he uses the platform fame and fortune has given him to preach the message of God and overcoming Opioid addiction. I had the great fortune to host Darren tonight in Palm Beach in hopes that his talk and his new book might just change one life! I recorded his speech tonight in hopes that it might also change one life out there in Facebook! I will post more information on his Foundation and his Number 1 selling book!!! Please listen to the video!! It is life changing! .... and super inspiring!

Bold TV - Lawmakers Want to Increase Tax Reporting for Opportunity Zones — Our Tax Expert Explains Why

Julio Gonzalez, CEO & founder of Engineered Tax Services, joins us to discuss the bipartisan effort to increase reporting for opportunity zones.

AMPfest 2019 - Julio Interviewing with Americas Voice.

Julio Gonzalez, Job Creators Network: Trump's China Policy is all about jobs for Americans!