Biden’s Billionaire Tax: Slaying the Golden Goose

President Joe Biden’s Billionaire Minimum Income Tax would force wealthy households to pay taxes on unrealized capital gains from assets like stocks, bonds, or privately held companies. But the proposed tax is a pre-payment of estate taxes, just in

the advantage -4-5-22

The Advantage™ – BIDEN HATES OIL

President Joe Biden hates the oil industry: He campaigned on destroying it, and we have prices to prove it! Join host Julio Gonzalez, co-host Bill Mitchell, and guest Johnny Fredericks, VA Trump Campaign to discuss.  Gonzalez Family Office ·

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Julio joins the Wayne Allyn Root show in this episode on 4/1/22 to talk taxes and Biden’s policies. Listen to “WAYNE ALLYN ROOT SHOW 04 01 22 SEGMENT 4” on Spreaker.

Bidenflation Shrinking Paychecks by 3%

Inflation of 7.5% in the United States, a high not seen since 1982, is alarming economists and politicians alike. Founding president of the Club for Growth and distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Stephen Moore, says fiscal responsibility