the advantage 9-13-22

Stocks Collapse as
Inflation Surges

This week on The Advantage™, host Julio Gonzalez and guest Vernon Jones, Former Georgia House Member, discuss raging inflation under the Biden Administration. The Advantage™ with Julio Gonzalez · Stocks Collapse as Inflation Surges

the voice of reason

Voice of Reason Podcast with guest Julio Gonzalez

Guest Julio Gonzalez, Engineered Tax Services, joins to discuss Russia/Ukraine, inflation rates, energy, supply chain issues and more.  Russia invades Ukraine. Did the response from Biden admin come off weak? Discussion of US sanctions and punishing Ukrainian regions.  US

Bidenflation Shrinking Paychecks by 3%

Inflation of 7.5% in the United States, a high not seen since 1982, is alarming economists and politicians alike. Founding president of the Club for Growth and distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, Stephen Moore, says fiscal responsibility