Julio Gonzalez Joins the Show to Talk about Economic Confidence

On America's Voice News with hosts Matt Locke and Tudor Dixon, Julio Gonzalez discusses America reopening and economic confidence.


Matt Locke 0:06
Well, welcome back to America's voice live long sided tear Dixon, I am Matt Locke. Hey, go find her at Tudor Dixon on Facebook and Instagram. I'm leaving Twitter out of mad at them today. tutor. You can find me at real Matt lock on all of the social media platforms. And of course, you're following America's voice news. Now tutor the economy. It's coming back. I mean, we've got stories, the Dow two days in a row up over 500 points. We're gonna see a V recovery. We see democrats dreading the economy. Why would democrats dread a good economy Tudor

Tudor Dixon 0:48
Because then they have no reason to put Joe Biden in the White House. But of course it's going to come back Matt this whole time. We were told not to panic. People were betting panicked over their jobs more than they were over COVID-19. But of course, it's going to come back because as smart states open back up as smart states open back up, then their businesses can open back up, and then they can have commerce said they can have taxes and they can have income and that all drives the economy. Now, some states have not opened back up. We know I'm better about this because I'm in one of them. But in fact, I'm in one of them. And earlier on a call, one of our producers bragged about going out to dinner. He didn't realize he was bragging at the time, but you were bragging, because I can't leave the house. So I'm just I

Matt Locke 1:42
I thought you were good to her. I thought you were gonna hurt. Yeah, I mean, we're just having this phone conversation. All centers like Shut up. I don't want to hear. I don't know. It's like you You have to get out of Michigan girlfriend. I mean, good lord, get out of the Michigan. But you know that here's the funny thing too. When we talk about the economy, we talk about numbers. We talk about businesses, we bring in our experts. So let's bring in a CEO and founder of engineer tech services. Julio Gonzales. Julio, welcome to the program. How are you, sir?

Julio Gonzalez 2:16
Hey, Florida is open. Sorry to say that.

Matt Locke 2:19
I know, I know, Julio, you missed the conversation this morning. Poor tutor. If If her voice could have killed our producer be dead just because he went to dinner in Florida.

Julio Gonzalez 2:34
The fire?

Matt Locke 2:37
So, so so Julio, you've been telling us we'll get serious here. You've been telling us that, hey, if we can get the engine of back running of the economy, that it's going to bounce back? Is that what we're seeing?

Julio Gonzalez 2:53
Yeah, I think that's what you're seeing in the stock market. Right? That's what you just brought up is that two great days in a row and I think that's talked about Markets reflective of states coming back pretty strong, and also the economy starting to grow. We're seeing that in the GDP numbers. And I think they're hopeful that there's a cure, not too far away, that's going to help us all get back to third and fourth quarter that are very strong. I think those are good signs.

Tudor Dixon 3:18
Well, I see that you have a bar behind you. And I feel like you're just taunting me, but I will move on from that. So you, we also want to talk about the fact that there is this $600 unemployment, you know, people are getting a lot more money on unemployment, and the democrats want to continue that. But republicans are saying people don't want to go back to work. We're opening back up. We want to get people back to work. What is your stance on that? Should that unemployment cease now and people should be going back to work or is this going to have to be state by state? How does how does this get managed?

Julio Gonzalez 3:55
Yeah, good question. I don't know how we do it state by state. I think we just need to get a from it, I don't think it's a good investment. I think we have to really get back to work. And I don't see how we do that if we have those incentives to stay at home, and I think, really, we got to get back to that economy. It was before the pandemic, I think we were so strong them and giving incentives for people to stay home. It's just an easy way to do that. Look at the stock market. Right. And so I just think it's time to end those things. I think the senate does as well. So I don't think that's gonna happen. I think that's gonna come to an end.

Matt Locke 4:30
So Julio, you deal with small businesses. We've talked about the PPP. You know, we've talked about maybe if we don't get this thing started back up that some of these businesses won't reopen. But I saw an interesting article last night it says that 74% of small businesses believe they'll be back to 100% in six months. What do you think?

Julio Gonzalez 4:54
I think we all believe that I guess it's a little more easier here in Florida where we're open and we're seeing it and You know, the roads are full again, the parking lots are full again, and people are back the business. And everyone's really optimistic. And I think we feel like if we can do it with social distancing, and being careful that, you know, we're just going back to a new norm, a new norm that we're actually producing revenue, again, clients are coming out, the restaurants are open. So if we're an example, whatever the case can be, I think the signs are very good, because I can tell you here the business and the economy is coming back really strong, and it's great to see.

Tudor Dixon 5:33
So your economy is coming back. We see Texas is coming back. A lot of places are starting to flourish. I have heard that some places where they've opened people have not been going back as quickly but it sounds like most of the states that are opening are really opening and coming back and yet we still have this push for a number another stimulus. Do you think that that's necessary? Do you think that I mean, the PPP really doesn't need to go on. But do you think that people need another check in their pocket? Like the individual check that they've been talking about? Because we know that the democrats are pushing on that? Or is that just to get the other things that they want in that bill and Americans would just flourish and free open back up?

Julio Gonzalez 6:18
Yeah, good question. I think that, you know, one, you know, from the economy standpoint, they'd love to get people some additional income and use it only for spending into the retail and restaurants and have those limitations to kind of get businesses opted by people going out. So, you know, but ultimately, the administration wants payroll, tax refunds and credits and holidays, things that are, you know, get people back to work because then you're getting that raise not only your wages, but not now you're not having the payroll tax either as the business and ultimately they want to get employment tax credits going as well. Some incentives to bring back the community back to work and I think that's what's ultimately gonna happen in the heroes Ville. I don't think that stuff that came out of Congress like bailing out the states, you know, they continued $600 in payments to the individual. I think that's gonna stop and I don't think that'll get through.

Matt Locke 7:13
Well, Julio, I saw a Jim Jordan interview this morning and he had commented that there is still $100 billion left in the second tranche of the PPP, the payment, the paycheck protection plan. Is this a good thing? are businesses now back on their footing where they don't have to go back and get that money? Should we look at this as a good thing?

Julio gonzalez 7:38
Yeah, I think it is a good thing that there's still some surplus there. And I'm sure there's still some companies, small businesses that could use it. I think what happened was, you had some changes to the rules that it wasn't it wasn't going to be forgivable. WebParts shouldn't be forgivable. And that stopped everyone because if it was forgivable people were going and getting lined up if it was just alone. You know, that lost the attraction, but they're getting that worked out in the heroes bill, certainly. And also the payment rehab repayment history and how we pay that back and also what qualifies for forgiveness when you have those rules. And then all of a sudden they said it was taxable does change the equation. And so they're working those things out. As typical when things come out and they're new. You have your hiccups. It's a little bit of a roller coaster, but hopefully it's smooth out. And that'll open the door for people to go back in and take the additional funds that are there that I think in help some of these smaller businesses, especially in the retail sector.

Tudor Dixon 8:36
Julio really quick. We have about 90 seconds left. A lot of people pulled their money out of the market when this started to happen, but now the market seems to be going back up. Is it a good time to invest?

Julio gonzalez 8:51
Yeah, I mean, I think if you're investing with the ill that GDP is going to grow strong enough third and fourth quarters, I think it's a great time to invest in Great time to invest in our country and help the country get back on its feet with investing, you know, not only in the market but into the local business community. I think all those things are good and I think most people are betting and investing currently because they see the payoff in third and fourth quarter.

Tudor Dixon 9:20
Julio Gonzalez, CEO and founder of engineered tech services we always love having you on. Thank you.

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