The Advantage™ with Julio Gonzalez and Alfredo Ortiz

This week on our show, host Julio Gonzalez sits down with Alfredo Ortiz, the President of Job Creators Network and the author of “The Real Peace Revolutionaries.” Together, they delve into a variety of community issues that are currently affecting our nation, including the ongoing drug crisis, the hotly debated US border policy, and ways to bring capital back to struggling communities. Additionally, they discuss the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) and its impact on American businesses and workers. With Alfredo's vast knowledge and experience in these areas, this is sure to be a thought-provoking and enlightening conversation. Don't miss out on the chance to hear from one of the most influential voices in the field today. Tune in and join the discussion as we explore these important topics and work towards finding solutions that will benefit everyone.

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