The Alan Nathan Show – Julio Gonzalez Discusses Reopening America

June 3rd, 2020: Julio Gonzalez Joins The Alan Nathan Show to discuss Reopening America, Tax Policy, and more.


Alan Nathan 0:00
Go to our guests right now we're joined by Julio Gonzalez, Founder and CEO of Engineer Tax Services. The country's largest specialty tax engineering firm, has also contributed to town hall and appears regularly on bold television. Julio Gonzalez, good to have you on board. How are you today? Hey, thanks

Julio Gonzalez 0:16
for having me on. I appreciate it.

Alan Nathan 0:18
No pleasure. Pleasure. So one things I want to cover with you, though, is this idea of Democrats, essentially opposing the reopening of society, while they're so tolerant of all these close quartered writers, inflicting violence against black churches and businesses, you know, extensively on behalf of fighting for the black community. They're harming the black community. But what I'm trying to point out is, we have people like the governor of New Jersey, insisting that folks can't attend church together because they need to be practicing social distancing. But it's perfectly fine with people protesting in very close quarters fashion, wherever else they might Want to go all because while the cause is different, I don't recall those kinds of control being placed on us. We're looking at our First Amendment, and our guarantee right to peacefully, peacefully assemble a petition the government for redress of grievances. And I'm also concerned about the extensive drag that this COVID-19 lockout has had on our economy, avoidable Lee. So I might add, because the reality is, our health agencies will told us that we'd be at about a million plus in fatalities were at about 100,000. Now, that's obviously still do much. But my position is when government overestimates by 90% with a fatality rate it's supposed to be well, then what the hell else may they have made? They have gotten wrong? I think these are valid inquiries. And they're valid inquiries all put forward for the purpose of trying to just get a simple answer to this question, why the hell Can't we open up already given that the stats show We should be able to your sense of it, sir.

Julio Gonzalez 2:02
You know,and why is it that the states that don't open up have the highest tax rates in the country? Yeah, I wonder that as well. You know, we're opening up here in Florida. It's businesses, normal. Businesses open, restaurants are open, gyms are open beaches are open, people are being safe, practicing social distancing. But our economy's back up and running and things are doing quite well. And I think it shows a good example that, you know, these media scare tactics by the other states are just invalid, right? I mean, we're running businesses normal here.

Alan Nathan 2:41
So we do know that there is an opening up of our country going on as we speak, I'll be slower that we want, but it is happening and we're noticing that in states like yours, Florida, as well as Georgia that if anything, We've seen no spiking, despite the opening up of our society, yet, you still have too many on the left characterizing such a development as tantamount to endangering the lives of the elderly. When Of course, the truth is, the vast majority people who succumb to this are the elderly. But at the same time, the vast majority of that demographic still survive, it seems that the real commonality of concern is all about underlying health conditions. In other words, a guy in his mid 60s who is otherwise in Brook shape, is going to survive this more easily than the 45 year old who may have underlying health conditions. So the common denominating theme seems to be Hey, those of you who are Ill stay home, those who are strong, go forth and prosper or am I being too simplistic your Sir, you

Julio Gonzalez 3:53
know, I think you got it right. And certainly the heroes act shows that, you know, the house wants to motivate them to continue to stay at home with $600 a week through the end of the year. And the state's you know, couple that so, you know, we have bad policy being drafted out of the house that wants to also bail out those states and allow everyone to stay closed and people to stay home. And ultimately, you know, that's why those states have such big deficits. And they're using this one time exception to try to get a bailout and continue to socialize the people in their states.

Alan Nathan 4:30
What about the idea of a payroll tax holiday? I mean, that might be one thing that comes out of this, thank God I mean, Trump was able to get it the first few times because we were all naturally wrapped up in the emotion of everything and you know, sometimes we can't see the forest the clarity for the trees of the new ship, but people are starting to understand a little better now. You know, what we have in front of us so quarterly payroll tax holiday, would seem to have far greater efficacy, really than anything else, but for some reason, the democrats Well, having supported such a thing in the past are doggedly against it today. What's, what's their rationale is you see it, number one. Number two, what do you think of the chances that Trump will actually get the payroll tax holiday for us?

Julio Gonzalez 5:13
Well, I think the Senate is all for the payroll tax holiday. I think the administration is and I think they'll ultimately get that through. I think it'll be successful. Small Businesses need to conserve cash to get businesses back and open and certainly the employees as well need that payroll tax holiday so they can continue to spend and stimulate the economy. So that's really a win win. I think it's a great approach to get but certainly there's people that want people to stay home and and get checks and and be set to survive these elections in a way that keeps them home.

Alan Nathan 5:53
Yeah, right because the left the most reliable constituency is the constituency most reliant upon them. They like to, they like to develop reliance on individual prosperity, self determination, self actualization when people succeed in these areas, all of a sudden less attracted to them all these excessive almost socialistic tendencies. Thanks again gonna be right back, according to a recent HP surveys. Leo, thank you so much for the time we hope to do it again soon.

Julio Gonzalez 6:29
Oh, that was great. Thank you guys. Thanks so much.

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