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I want to welcome to the show, I believe he's with us. We have CEO, the CEO of Engineered Tax Services, and financial expert, Julio Gonzalez. Julio, how are you my friend?

Julio Gonzalez 0:17
Hey, great. Great. How are you?

Rory Sauter 0:20
doing very well. Great to have you here. You know, obviously, you have quite the resume, you lived one hell of a life. But I'm your first time on tell everybody a little bit about yourself. Well, yeah, thanks. It's great to be on. You know, we work on doing tax credits that keep Americans employed and keep jobs here in the USA, and we're a resource to the countries nationwide to really help them bring jobs to the United States. I love it. I love it. And you know, this is what your company is one of the biggest, if not the biggest tax service company in America. Correct. were the biggest when it comes to job credits that keep people employed here or bring jobs in the United States. I love it. I love it. I love it. Julio. So you you talked about a plan. Not recovery was after this whole Corona thing is over what what are the steps because I know you kind of really laid it out and pinpointed it perfectly, and put it into awesome perspective. Tell us about that self. Is there?

Julio Gonzalez 1:34
Yeah, you know, we have the Heroes Act just came out of the house right now. We got to really shoot that down the Senate. We can't continue to pay people in the home. We got to give companies tax credits, and, you know, applications to bring people back to jobs and bring them back to work. And that's really the big key is to help with payroll tax holidays like the president promotes Make sure that we're giving incentives for people to come back to work not at home all over the country like they're doing.

Rory Sauter 2:08
Yeah, absolutely. And let me ask you this. You know, you you've been doing this a long time. You've seen many different crisis's, many different disruptions in the market. You've seen, obviously, what happened in 2008. How do you compare what we're going through now to 2008? Do you think there's any sort of similarities? If so, give give some examples.

Julio Gonzalez 2:35
Yeah, I mean, you know, obviously, it seems that 2008 we had, you know, major recession, like we're going through now, are we a month away from a deep, deep, great depression? That would be the second and, you know, the country, you know, history or close. I mean, the the differences are that this wasn't about a bad economy, right. We had a tremendous impact. economy going into this pandemic, the President has done a great job with the 2017 Tax Job Cuts Act and the timely storing, right. So a lot different than, you know, 2008 where we just had bad politics, creating bad economy. So here, great economy, devastation, pandemic, fortunately, and thank goodness, we had President Trump's who had taken a bad economy coming into his presidency, giving it to the best economy ever, right? That's more jobs ever. minorities working at highest level ever, and people being paid more than ever, and that has given us at least the stage to recover from something I'm proud of that, you know, the President has done a great job with the first couple of stimulus programs and and now, I think he sets the stage for a grant recovering didn't need to open back up. I mean, that's really the key is getting back to work.

Rory Sauter 4:02
Amen, amen. 100% and, you know, you talked about those tax cuts in 2017. You know, and please tell everybody, you know, you're you're a financial expert. You're an expert at what taxes, you know, for the people that want to say, you know, that especially the people on the left, oh, that those were only for the rich. I mean, they please debunk that they absolutely were not, because we have a lot of haters that listen to the show. I mean, in reality, it helped the middle class more than anyone on Earth. It helped businesses with huge, you know, reliefs, it allowed people to hire more employees. I mean, there's employees, there's so many great things, more jobs came to America, more factories opened up. I mean, I could go on and on.

Julio Gonzalez 4:47
And you could go on and on because, you know, we saw the results from a tax reform program that brought jobs back to the highest level ever because Like when you're a country, you're competing against the world when it comes to jobs and business, and we weren't competitive as a country. We'd become in too high of a tax country, too many regulations. We couldn't compete. We couldn't bring jobs here. And we had too many tariffs that hurt us. And then you see President Trump turn that around, you put in the tariff that helped us, eliminate the regulations gave us a tax rate we're in we're in business right here, and you're in business with the government. And that government has to be a good partnership. It wasn't it wasn't just a partnership, because all the money we made was back to the government which could grow which can bring people on we can grow our companies and bring more employees into the workforce. And that all changed when we put the 2017 Jobs Tax Act into place and we saw that The benefits were lower tax rate more money going to the IRS and Treasury because more people were working.

Rory Sauter 6:07
Yeah, yeah, it's so true. It's so true. And let me ask you this. Do you see after this pandemic nonsense is over? Do you see Trump doing a bunch of other tax cuts that can really even make America even greater and make more leniency and more flexibility and, and more room for businesses to grow and individuals?

Julio Gonzalez 6:35
You know, every time he talks, you just see that brilliance of someone that's in an office that's been a business owner and has run businesses because when you when he talks about the payroll tax holidays is something that we need to do. He's also talks about tax cuts like remember we had the mills and entertainment tax cuts that he wants to bring back that we lost a while back Go in and give that incentive. So people go back out to the hotels go back to the restaurant, things that are really targeted towards specific industries that have had the most pain and suffering. And he just zeros them. Right. All that and I think everyone understands that locked.

Rory Sauter 7:17
Yeah, yeah, absolutely. And let me ask you in terms of what you would expect, I mean, he's predicting a huge third quarter, I believe he said, third quarter. What do you how do you see, I think he thinks we're going to come back stronger than ever before, I believe him. And he makes a statement saying he's built the best economy one. He'll do it again. Why not? Right.

Julio Gonzalez 7:43
Why not? And certainly, I mean, I think you already see it starting here in Florida, it's back to business as normal. Fortunately, I have a great governor that, you know, loves the president is really following his advice, and not the media, but we've opened back up The economy's going well, we are actually growing GDP here in the state of Florida and every other state should follow suit. And, you know, we'll have a strong, strong third quarter people are wanting to get back to buying and having consumer confidence and the workers have this passion for the president that we have in the showing in the workplace and what we're doing here in the different sectors.

Rory Sauter 8:27
Amen. Amen. 100%. Well, I really love talking to you, Julio. I want to get your back soon. tell everybody where they can connect with you and where they can get in touch.

Julio Gonzalez 8:38
Yeah, we're at I'm the tax reform expert out there on Twitter, you know, supporting good tax law and making sure that, you know, we continue to, you know, give the America worker the tax program that allows to grow personally and for the families.

Rory Sauter 9:05
Amen. Amen. I love it. I love it. I love it. Well anyways, we will get you back on soon. Thank you so much for joining us. And I'm praying that everything goes back to normal soon in the economy.

Julio Gonzalez 9:20
Thanks for all you do.

Rory Sauter 9:23
Absolutely. Thank you, sir.

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