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About Julio Gonzalez

National Tax Reform Expert • Author

Julio Gonzalez is the founder of Gonzalez Family Office and Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS). ETS is the country’s largest specialty tax engineering firm which specializes in the preservation of wealth and United States’ job creation through IRS engineering-based services to include research and development manufacturing tax credits, energy tax incentives studies, cost segregation deprecation studies for buildings, and disposition studies. Julio is also an author, tax reform advocate, and member of the Presidential Tax Reform Roundtable, playing instrumental part with the recent Tax Reform 1.0 under the Trump Administration.




Daszkal Bolton LLP

Julio Gonzalez of Engineered Tax Services is a close personal friend and client of my firm. Mr. Gonzalez is an invaluable asset to the world of taxation. He is a leader in engineering based and technical studies to help entrepreneurs, real estate owners, and all business owner make more money and save more money on taxes. His firm provides very high-quality cutting edge specialty tax consulting and advisory to take advantage of the code to help individual, families, and business save hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars per year. He has tirelessly advocated for small business in Washington DC to make dynamic tax reform a reality. His efforts are continuous and yearly, not every 3 decades when Congress re-writes the IRC.

Michael I. Daszkal , CPA/Managing Partner

YourVoice, Inc.

Julio Gonzalez of Engineered Tax Services is a good friend and an invaluable asset in the world of tax. He not only runs an outstanding, cutting-edge specialty tax firm which can save individuals and businesses thousands or millions of dollars, he advocates for us all in DC to make dynamic tax reform a reality, not once every 3 decades, but yearly!”

Bill Mitchell , CEO

ProActive Communications, LLC

Few people have made such an impact on national policy in such a short time as Julio Gonzalez did in the development of the historic Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that has transformed the American economy since it was signed into law. Using his insights as a tax reform expert, Julio engaged the Federal Government for the first time and took the concerns of his clients straight to the public officials who enacted the first major reform of American tax policy in over a generation. Julio is a committed professional and unsung hero whose personal commitment and patriotism made a major difference for the Trump tax cuts to the benefit of his clients and to the lives of countless Americans.

Mark Serrano , President


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engineered tax services

Nationally Recognized Specialty Tax Provider.

The Gonzalez Family Office

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Trump is very close to doing a trade deal with China. Is that happens, all that pent up demand will be set free and this economy will skyrocket into the 2020 elections.

President Trump is doing so much for America every day. He is almost single-handedly keeping the economy strong, building the wall and fixing trade. The Democrats do all the can every day to stop him from making America great. It is sickening!

Barr and Durham can't come fast enough. I am so ready for these #DeepState scumbags to finally get some equal justice. C'mon Durham, don't let us down brother!

At this point, there is NOTHING REAL about the Democrat Party. Fake news, fake polls, fake voters, fake, fake, fake.

Adam Schiff is unilaterally making decisions only a judge and jury should make. He has unilaterally declared Joe Biden innocent of any and all corruption in Ukraine to the point we are not even allowed to discuss it.

In the 1990s, Donald J. Trump saved the Veterans Day Parade from financial insolvency by personally covering the shortfall.

The media won’t tell you this, so I figured I would.

God bless our Veterans and our great President!

If Trump is able to do a substantial trade deal with China, there is nothing that will be prevent the economy from going gangbusters into 2020 and winning Trump the White House.

One of the Democrats' schemes in this impeachment charade has been to prevent China from doing a trade deal with Trump. But China is hurting and they are bleeding manufacturing. They know impeachment will fail and they are ready to deal.

If the Durham indictments are as bad and high level as is being rumored, will Schiff continue with this nit-picky nothing investigation on something as trivial as President Trump seeking the very corruption now being exposed by Durham?

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engineered tax services

Nationally Recognized

Specialty Tax Provider.